Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Price List and Availablility

I am just going to keep a list of everything I have for sale and the prices here, I will update this at  the very least once a month as that is really my new build times of release.

everything I sell should be available through




just search the building name and it should come up

you can also order direct from me, I provide a paypal invoice and when paid I send the item out.

I keep my prices as low as I can and only charge whatever the postage and packing cost is to me, I am happy to sell worldwide. all of my builds are flat packed and need piecing together and are unpainted resin casts

this list is purely as you see a list, all pictures of the sets are in sections on this site, and all prices are not including postage, which will of coarse be calculated at point of sale.

20mm scale 1/76th scale buildings

Hotel Ruin                                      £60
Euro corner Ruin                            £25
Single City Block 1                        £25
Single City Block 2                        £25
Single City Block 3                        £25
Farmhouse Ruin                             £25
Euro Road Bridge                          £50
Euro Road Bridge Extra Section   £20
Railway Bridge                              £40
Railway Bridge Extra Section       £15
General House Ruin 1                   £25
Juno Beach House                         £25
Public House Ruin                         £25
Barn                                               £25
Street Shop Ruins 3 set                 £45
Street Shop Ruin 4 set                   £60
Street Shop Ruin  5 Set                £75
Bunker Set (3 Bunkers)                £50
Machine Gun Bunker                   £15
Medium Bunker                           £20
Command Bunker                        £25

15mm Scale
Bunker set (3 Bunkers)                £30
Machine Gun Bunker                  £10
Medium Bunker                           £12
Command Bunker                        £15

All Scales

Rubble Piles (5)                           £10
if you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask here or at wowbuildings@hotmail.com

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