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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Atlantic Wall and Beyond 20mm and 15mm scales

Three that's the magic number, so here are three bunkers that are on their way pretty soon, I have made some atlantic wall sections too and rear trenches, but they need a little reworking (sandbags too big) so I will picture them when ready, but for now here are my three bunkers. These are now available in 15mm scale and these pictured in 20mm scale are exact replicas and are top of my list to get moulded

one nice little coincidence is that the texture of the foam in foamboard along with the paper layer on either side when cut and stacked gives the perfect illusion of layer poured concrete, which was how these bunkers were made.

The built up areas of the bunkers I will texture too before casting, I might have already done it but the box is at the bottom and I am too lazy to double check at the time of typing this :grin:

again they will be available separately and they are 20mm scale...........I have been asking of late and it is possible that my pieces may be workable with 15mm, but that is open to debate at this time, I will get to some shows and do some research on them in the coming weeks

here we go the cast 15mm versions