Tuesday, 21 October 2014

General House Ruin 1 (Normandy House Ruin) 20mm scale

I want to get a good set range for Normandy in both 15mm and 20mm scales, my first venture turned out to be one of my best detailed builds so far, this will look amazing when painted up by some of you expert painters, the influence for my range will be almost entirely a set of CGI pictures I found.............I say found I was steered to, nevertheless find them I did and make them all I will, first was this one.

I did a bit of a walk through on my facebook page, here I will just post the pictures and maybe cut and paste stuff as I update my pages

the detail had to be high even on this scale, the 15mm one will demand the same too, I want these to stand out on any table

because the outer walls where relatively flat detailed it allowed and meant that inner detail had to be high too

it all slots together neatly

must have been drunk on this one
and this

ah that's better...sobered up

interior detail as stated needed to be very high

a good cook tastes his food as he goes...........I like to make sure the figures go to scale with everthing

making individual roof tiles can be boring.....................but well worth it

all of the kit

the master just before moulding

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