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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Farmhouse Ruin 20mm

Now available £25 plus postage direct from me or here

will give a hobbyden link when its up

Latest project (well it was when I wrote this) is done and dusted, I have decided a few more rural buildings are needed so first up was the old farmhouse ruin. as I went along though I decided to try a few different things, one was in the way of an experiment and the other in adding even more detail.

first up then was the attempt to add some sort of creeper tree to the facia, I am reasonably happy with how it looks, it does have the desired effect and when cast it should look even better (different materials on masters always need a little imagination for final look).

second was to start adding some kind of guttering and drainpipe works, I know you can buy these but its part of my process to start adding them and over time I will get better, the actual guttering I came across a way of doing it by complete accident but lets just say it gave me a way of adding other detail too (roof top curved finish).

anyway picture time, I have added some internal floors and lightly rubbled them up, its a big dilemma really because I want the pieces to be playable so if I fill them with rubble maybe they won't so for now I leave it to the gamer to add, I'm going to do a small upper and attic floor too, the stairs I can use some from other models as the height dimensions are the same for all my sets.

front with creeper tree, also the doors are separate so can be fixed as required

all finished and cast, as usual the first cast always has miscasts but this helps me to make sure the next are spot on