Tuesday, 28 October 2014

St Elizibeths Hospital Arnhem 20mm scale

A project very very close to the mould stage, this is one of what I call grand pieces, if you were to buy the full set then it would span 3ft wide, but I will be selling it to whatever size you want, the frontage is made up of about five different sections, this will allow you to buy whatever you want, do if you want an epic scale battle centred around the hospital you can have the whole set, or if you just want to represent it on a larger battlefield table then you could just have the front entrance..........as they say on tv the choice is yours.

however you know me by now I will show it in its full glory, I have to make some inner floors and walls and stairs but essentially this piece is mostly ready for moulding

Wreckage around the St Elizabeth Hospital, possibly as a result of an ambush laid by the 2nd Parachute Battalion's "C" Company. The Red Cross was put in place on the 17th or 18th September by Private John Battley, of No.4 Section, 16 Parachute Field Ambulance

these projects although ready for moulding I am restricted by costs at this time, eventually my epic buildings will be available but whilst I am setting up and building the range these large pieces are not near the top of my to do list................but don't misunderstand me I can't wait to get them done.

very high detailing here, the rear will be made up of front panels and damaged roof sections will be made (if they haven't already) along with inner walls and floors

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