Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Four Storey Single Blocks 20mm scale

These are truly generic.....(never actually googled that word but it seems to fit), I have made these to be my space fillers, you can buy them in the single blocks you see here, I am going to ruin them up a bit for some future more damaged versions, but these are those types you see in cities that have just burnt out and left shells of buildings.

there are three facia with a standard rear and brick side walls.........however as I have said I designed these to be generic so the ground floor is separate from the upper three stories on all of the facias, this allows you not only to mix and match doors but I have made windowed ground floor pieces and mid building columns that join the facia front and rear together, so in theory you can create blocks, a bit like the hotel layout but even wider if you wanted to make a full length street block and yes you can still interlink the different frontages as they all measure the same.

I only have pictures of the block in theory single build but I will get some cast and pictured very soon

so here you go the blocks as described, these are the original masters before moulding

brick facia

and the resin finished versions


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