Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stalingrad Train Staion 20mm scale

This is something my father built a few years ago now, but for personal reason he no longer builds, I might repeat this a few times but only when it is relevant and no details it purely so that you can get an idea of where my inspiration for an individual build starts.

the original was a one off and I understand sold to a gentleman in Milton Keynes so I will add some pictures of it as I lead directly to my version.

obviously if you are going to build most of your buildings from the era of WW2 then certain conflicts stand out, Stalingrad having to be one of the biggest and most important. When I start a project I normally like to do a minimum of three buildings, with Stalingrad these are easy to choose, Train Station, Department Store, Pavlovs House, Tank Factory, Grain Mill and already you have a number to choose three from and that's not counting the general generic three storey buildings that covered most of Stalingrad.

so first off for this project I am showing some of the research pics along with my dads build.

my dads version was 2ft x 1ft and heavily detailed with the rubble, just a couple of pictures is all I will show, also it was more for 15mm than 20mm

now back to me and what I do, as I say a little background was needed to show what inspired me to do my own. however that is where any resemblance ends, my piece was going to be 20mm scale and highly detailed, I also was aware that to represent the building as a whole this piece could be quite big in the end so making it in its basic sections was a must, when this piece becomes available it will be in various sizes, simply you can have it as big as you like...or small.
for me and my product range this will be sold under the heading of epic pieces, there is and will be a number of these and although they can be bought in small sections the eventual whole set will and must be very impressive.
so what are the sections I hear you ask?
in short to be generic all of the columns corner or mid sections are separate, all of the different facias are separate, this basically allows you to build and even mix and match, although primarily this will be available in basic sets that you can add to at your leisure.
For my piece I needed to source a lot more pictures of the station so that I could get my layout right and make sure I captured as much detail as I could, so below is a small selection of those pictures, funnily enough in this and future project computer game screenshots helped me immensely.

so in the end it was down to me to make my sections and get it right, I did have a few failed attempts where scaling issues popped up, but in the end I am happy with the look and can't wait to get this moulded and cast up, the day I see this on a gaming table will be a good day, as you can see and imagine there has been a hell of a lot of repeat sections and detail cutting, but this entire piece has been scratch built and I am more than happy with it.
here you go pictures in its various stages to where it is now

the rear will just be a repeat of the front sections, I may add a new main door facia but for now this is it


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