Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hello and Welcome to WoW Buildings

Hi everyone and welcome to my little site, this is the boring bit so I will explain a little about myself (very little) before I move onto the more interesting stuff.

first off my name is Kyle and standing in front of you all I must confess "I am addicted to building buildings", its a rare disease and there seems to be no known cure.

My aims are to provide detailed buildings, mostly in scales 15mm and 20mm, I say detailed I more aim for realism, the level of detail is defined by the scale and my ability to create it, everything without exception starts life as a flat piece of card, sometimes thin card but mostly 1.5mm thick card. everything is for a reason and this too is true on the card thickness.

I have visited many shows and seen many tables, some are fantastic works of creative art and others are merely functional but ALL are created for the enjoyment of the gamer, I myself must confess that I like detail and realism, seeing gaming tables made up of had hoc pieces that suit the theme and even out of scale pieces to represent the setting is perfectly fine and is probably more the norm than the exception, my overall aim is to change that.
                 I want you guys that spend hours upon hours collecting and painting your armies to have a suitable playing surface so that the experience of the battle being fought is total, the feeling of the overall setting is of realism and the gamers imagination is as close to being real as it can be. at the end of the day when you pack away your figures should be a memory of something to be kept, even if you lose the battle I want you to remember it for the realism that it represented.

anyway that's the gibberish out of the way, just a very quick statement on my buildings before I post this I have said everything starts life as a piece of card, everything is scratch built, some details over time might be created by 3D printing, but and it is a BUT, they will have been designed by myself and will only be the highly detailed but tiny additions, nothing will be taken from any other model, the only exception will be materials, I make the most of anything that is available so I do use embossed plastic card and will possibly in the future use accessories that are available from other companies but only when they are sold for that purpose........even then my long term aim will be to produce my own.

absolutely everything I make I then create a mould so that I can cast many, many times my creation, the master is always destroyed in this process but the silicone mould replicates the original in every detail............also everything is for sale eventually and will remain on sale forever, unless unforeseen circumstances such as fire damage for example I will never decommission a mould.

I do avoid commissions with the exception of it adding to my range, as everything must end up with a multi producible model, so yes I would do them but they would not end up exclusive one off casts, in the future would I do limited editions? possibly but probably not.

ok this is going on for too long so what I will do is leave the post open for comments and questions so if there is anything more then please ask away............I will say that although most of my processes are out there and not rocket science please all I ask is that if you want to know details of my technique please don't ask me to reveal them if you intend to be a competitor, I am open to any competition but I am pretty much self/ and my father taught so my best advice is get stuck in practice and learn by failures...........I have many.

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