Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Arnhem Bridge Houses 20mm scale

I tend to do things in threes so still have one to go, this set will as usual be available individually but I will how them here in their set. I used to post in the WIP forum but as Brian has kindly given me a place of my own here I will post here from now on, so apologies if some of these are repeat but there is a difference, these are listed to show my latest releases and my very soon to be released pieces, so I am going to list them all here individually.

First then is these (soon to be three) Buildings were immediately to the west of the Bridge, in the centre of what would become the British defences. During the Battle they were chiefly occupied by "A" Company of the 2nd Parachute Battalion; the building on the right housing Company Headquarters and elements of Battalion Headquarters, the remainder containing a mixture of "B" Troop, 1st Parachute Squadron, and No.2 Platoon, who were replaced on Monday 18th by men of the 9th Field Company.

these two are complete with the next block a WIP at this time, I will damage those up a bit more as these two are pretty intact.


these have been fun to make with a quite high level of detailing around the windows needed

the WIP ones as they are at this time, as you can see heavily damaged too


with the houses next to the bridge done and being moulded at the time of typing this it was time to finish off the two next to them, I chose to highly damage these and they are now finished and ready for the mould process

some high detail was needed for these

the balestrades ( I think that's what they are called) detailing was simple but effective

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