Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stalingrad Deparment Store 20mm scale

another of what I will call epic builds, again this build will be available in different make ups, but due to the uniqueness of its design it pretty much dictates that the curved frontage will always need to be purchased, then its just a choice of how much building addon you want.
20mm scale and done ready for moulding, the only thing holding this one up is the cost of the mould, I need to feel I can sell a few to justify that cost first............a prediction is early 2015.

there are some good pictures of this building both before and after the fight, along with the added help of some CGI shots

my version

the complete building will be available including inner detail

this build is the largest I have made so far

I have tried to represent the damage as best I can along with the detailing


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