Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bombed Hotel (Hotel Kaiserhoff) 20mm scale

This one is based on the Hotel Kaiserhoff, opposite the Reichstag and where Hitler interviewed for his personal guard, the hotel was heavily damaged but I just loved the look of it so it became a build priority a few months back, I wanted to spring onto the scene with a center piece and my epic builds are too large and expensive to mould as a starter so this building filled the spot.
it is a highly detailed and still now is one of my favourites, when painted up it will look very impressive, I have started mine but so far haven't had the time to finish it.

first off the inspiration pictures, as I say I was taken by the look of it and only found out its historical value after I had started (nothing like a good bit of research eh)?

I went for the version to the left, I wanted the hotel to look impressive but to also reflect the damage that it incurred.

my started painted version

this set is so far the most complicated one that is available, there are quite a few parts so below is a layout of how it goes together.

 the columns and walls I have designed to fit together so that no gaps appear along the joints, also it should give you a good area to apply your fixing agent.............otherwise known as glue, all of my buildings will fit together this way or some modified way if I come across one as I go

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