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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Town Street Shops 20mm scale

I have made a set of five of these, so far I have 4 of the set cast with the other coming within a week (that's the plan), this set was based on the street in Villers-Bocage that Whitman ran amok along before his Tigers were knocked out or disabled, he ran off to fight another day but the town was a mess as you can see.

having said that these buildings can be set up individually and can represent any town centre style setup, from my point of view nearly every building I make has a reason or actually existed.

this is the inspiration picture

and these are the results of my hard work

the three set are the ones that I have cast so far in resin, with the two larger buildings still to do when I took these, with of coarse the fourth in the line of masters now moulded.

these sets all slot together and as you can see are very highly detailed

the masters as they were, with the fourth from the left now ready too

some extra pictures of the detailing

the final two pieces are done and cast and very much available, the slot together sections of this are something I will carry forward to other pieces as and where I can

fourth building

and the fifth shop