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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Price List 23/12/14

Price List and Availability
I am just going to keep a list of everything I have for sale and the prices here, I will update this at  the very least once a month as that is really my new build times of release.

I have recently found a cheaper source for the resin I buy, after testing to make sure the quality is good I am now happy to say I can review my prices a little and pass on the saving to you guys too, so please check the prices below as they have mostly all changed

everything I sell should be available through


just search the building name and it should come up

you can also order direct from me, I provide a paypal invoice and when paid I send the item out.

I keep my prices as low as I can and only charge whatever the postage and packing cost is to me, I am happy to sell worldwide. all of my builds are flat packed and need piecing together and are unpainted resin casts

this list is purely as you see a list, all pictures of the sets are in sections on this site, and all prices are not including postage, which will of coarse be calculated at point of sale.

28mm Scale House Ruin 1  **NEW**  £25

20mm scale 1/76th scale buildings

Hotel Ruin    £60
Euro corner Ruin   £20
Single City Block 1   £20
Single City Block 2   £20    see above link
Single City Block 3   £20    see above link
Farmhouse Ruin    £20
Euro Road Bridge    £45
Euro Road Bridge Extra Section   £20  see above link
Railway Bridge                              £40   not yet moulded
Railway Bridge Extra Section       £15   not yet moulded
General House Ruin 1   £20
Juno Beach House    £20   temporarily unavailable
Public House Ruin    £20
Barn     £25  not yet moulded
Street Shop Ruins 3 set     £40
Street Shop Ruin 4 set      £55   see above link
Street Shop Ruin  5 Set    £70   see above link
Street Shop Single Building 4    £20
Street Shop Single Ruin 5  £20
Bunker Set (3 Bunkers) 20mm  £40  not yet moulded
Machine Gun Bunker  20mm   £10
Medium Bunker  20mm £15
Command Bunker 20mm   £20
Arnhem Bridge Houses                £35   now available
Arnhem Bridge Houses (ruined)  £35 
Carentan Street Set (4)                 £80
Carentan 4 Storey Arched            £25
Carentan 3 Storey Arched            £20
Carentan 2 Storey w/Attic           £20
Carentan 3 Storey roofed             £20

Bunker Set 15mm £30
Machine Gun Bunker £5
Medium Bunker  £10
Command Bunker £15

Euro Town Hotel Ruin     £20

General Farmhouse Ruin 2 £20

Derelict Farmhouse  £20

 All Scales

Rubble Piles (5)   £8

if you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask here or at

28mm General House Ruin 1

Here we gooooooo, my first official 28mm release (not my first ever build in this scale), I went for high detail on this so you even have peeling wallpaper and hanging pictures, the interior detail is as good as the outer.

overall size I hear you say? knew you would ask that so did I come prepared????????? nope so approx. until I get one cast to measure up :-)

height 180mm x 100 x 100mm

I am posting all of my pics here including the WIP's

this is one of many 28mm scales that will be coming in the next year

I can't see the pics in editor to comment on them, also on preview some are on their side, but I think they speak for themselves

Thursday, 11 December 2014

And now for something completely different......................yet the same

Every now and then I like to build something purely because i quite fancy doing it. Somewhere deep within my mind i have several gaming tables that one day when my workshop is cleared (basically I have a very large garage that is crammed with junk that I will be emptying this coming year and when it's done I will have a space about 10 metersx 15 meters for my workshop), i will build,
with that in mind sometimes I come across a picture that shows me something that I just have to build.
so after finishing my latest build and with several near finished projects that I intend to finish and get moulded within the next month I have decided that I will make something from my own agenda.
The picture below is my next build, i don't have any real finish time targets on builds like these but over the weekend I should have some decent WIP pictures to post, so for now here is the inspiration pic

very very early WIP's but the general structure is shaped


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Carentan Build Project

These four buildings represent my venture into the Normandy and beyond series as i will or do call them, from the beach to Berlin i will work my way through creating buildings that represent the towns and cities that provided the battlegrounds in these times, this four set are the rare undamaged buildings that i produce, i don't do this too often but sometimes it is what is needed,  and in time there will be damaged buildings that go with these.
They all have interior detailing and when placed in the right setting should look very impressive.
basically I will flit back and forth adding to the individual ranges that come under the umbrella of Normandy and beyond,  with each town (like this) having its own subject title.
my aim is one day to have at least 10 to 20 builds for each title so large complete setup s can be built
this is a prequel build for my next challenge really and that's a church, the archways are easy enough but I need them to have a stone look and although I know exactly how I am going to achieve this I wanted to do a test build first just to see the look, when I saw these buildings they fitted that criteria exactly

the roof section needed to be slanted only slightly really so I used the depth of the frontage to achieve that, it save me building a separate roof piece that in this build isn't necessary

the full basic frontages done

I made these from right to left and then when the final detailing was done I worked left to right....why? no reason whatsoever

the wall strengtheners I noticed were not all the same so that's how I kept mine
roof detailing done and looking not bad at all

detailing detailing det.................. that's all that is needed..............oh yeah and rear sections, these will be done as soon as my foamboard arrives

the detailing is all done at the time of this edit, all that is left before I mould it up is the rear facia which will be quick and simple and some inner floors again which take very little time, I am just waiting a restock on foamboard as this was a heavy usage build in that area being four buildings.
anyway here are the pictures


Monday, 8 December 2014

Old Stuff

One day they will make a plaster that is as durable as resin, and that day will be one I have Been waiting for, because the realistic look of plaster can't be matched in my humble opinion.
Years ago my father  made these whilst I was learning and i have recently found the folder containing their pictures so although the moulds no longer exist i think they are worthy of a post and for you to view,  i say no longer exist i do still have the road mould so might use it once again in the future.

the idea was to make a small table setup that could be rearranged to suit, so the roads matched the dimensions of the buildings bases. the set consisted of 10 buildings none of which were the same, the whole setup was about 4ft x 2ft and consisted too of 2ft in length of railway track (cast) and enough roadways to create the layout you needed, I have no idea of the amounts but at a guess there would be about 15 long straights (150mm) 10 shorts (80mm) four x-roads and at 6 L-shaped and 2 T-junctions.

the beauty of plaster is that you can break it to cause the damage from full pieces and it makes each piece unique.

anyway here are my full range of pictures that I have found, I am going to price up a resin set just to see how it compares, I think this set sold for about £150.

fir myself I am working on my versions of these setups, a set of generic buildings that can be pieced together to suit the setup wanted, some of these are done as you can see with the single block buildings I have, those can be slotted together to make bigger setups as I will list them too in the coming days/weeks.

a quick note this stuff suited 15mm better than my scale of 20mm

picture time, I have made you wait long enough