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Thursday, 11 December 2014

And now for something completely different......................yet the same

Every now and then I like to build something purely because i quite fancy doing it. Somewhere deep within my mind i have several gaming tables that one day when my workshop is cleared (basically I have a very large garage that is crammed with junk that I will be emptying this coming year and when it's done I will have a space about 10 metersx 15 meters for my workshop), i will build,
with that in mind sometimes I come across a picture that shows me something that I just have to build.
so after finishing my latest build and with several near finished projects that I intend to finish and get moulded within the next month I have decided that I will make something from my own agenda.
The picture below is my next build, i don't have any real finish time targets on builds like these but over the weekend I should have some decent WIP pictures to post, so for now here is the inspiration pic

very very early WIP's but the general structure is shaped