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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Carentan Build Project

These four buildings represent my venture into the Normandy and beyond series as i will or do call them, from the beach to Berlin i will work my way through creating buildings that represent the towns and cities that provided the battlegrounds in these times, this four set are the rare undamaged buildings that i produce, i don't do this too often but sometimes it is what is needed,  and in time there will be damaged buildings that go with these.
They all have interior detailing and when placed in the right setting should look very impressive.
basically I will flit back and forth adding to the individual ranges that come under the umbrella of Normandy and beyond,  with each town (like this) having its own subject title.
my aim is one day to have at least 10 to 20 builds for each title so large complete setup s can be built
this is a prequel build for my next challenge really and that's a church, the archways are easy enough but I need them to have a stone look and although I know exactly how I am going to achieve this I wanted to do a test build first just to see the look, when I saw these buildings they fitted that criteria exactly

the roof section needed to be slanted only slightly really so I used the depth of the frontage to achieve that, it save me building a separate roof piece that in this build isn't necessary

the full basic frontages done

I made these from right to left and then when the final detailing was done I worked left to right....why? no reason whatsoever

the wall strengtheners I noticed were not all the same so that's how I kept mine
roof detailing done and looking not bad at all

detailing detailing det.................. that's all that is needed..............oh yeah and rear sections, these will be done as soon as my foamboard arrives

the detailing is all done at the time of this edit, all that is left before I mould it up is the rear facia which will be quick and simple and some inner floors again which take very little time, I am just waiting a restock on foamboard as this was a heavy usage build in that area being four buildings.
anyway here are the pictures