Sunday, 19 October 2014

European City Road Bridge 20mm scale

This basically I wanted to do as I myself eventually intend to make a cityscape table, my idea has always been to have the central inner city buildings separated from the outer by a wide river and only accessible by two bridges, 1 a road bridge and 2 a railway bridge, both of these builds are done and will be available by the end of this month.

originally my intention was that road width would dictate the scale so that I could use the arches for any scale and just widen the road, however I don't think it looks right for 15mm so for now this is 20mm with an identical (well almost) 15mm scale one to come before Christmas is my aim.

the inspiration came from a couple od sources one CGI and another a painting

the bridge will be available with ramps or you can buy just the straight arches if you want a bridge layout like the one above.
each section is 120mm long.
everything fits together and is slotted where needed for clean no gap edges

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