Sunday, 2 November 2014

WIP Bombed Ruins

As part of my Atlantic wall and beyond i want to add a range of buidings that would suit Normandy and the surrounding townships that needed to be taken, i already have my general ruin 1 done for this range and have the master templates for 5-6 other buildings, first off.......well not really first off just the next one i have chosen to do some work on is now at the basic struucture done stage (like i have a list of stages, i just make this uo as i go), this is normally the point where i get the urge to show pictures, so with that in mind here we go, firstky too i don't just make the buldings out of my head i like them to be truly representative so the inspiration pics are always shown i copy, no not rally as most of the time i take my inspiration from real pictures, but i came accross these CGI's a while ago and they are perfect for what I need and are based on real French style architecture.

quite a lot of detailing done, but quite a lot still to do, but the basic structure is done and detailing is all that is left............20mm scale by the way, with 15mm in the pipeline too

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