Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Farmhouse Ruin 2

As I will say many many times (leading to boredom) I like to build set projects in at least threes, so when it comes to farmhouse ruins that general rule applies, with my first already released its now time to release my second issue.

This one is my smallest measuring 130 x 120 and 120mm high, again its 20mm scale and has a mixed brick effect stonework with two outhouse sheds that are wooden effect, there is at this time a ground floor and inner walls and upper floors will be available as I am going to make a generic set that fits all buildings.

so here are the pictures from WIP to finished resin casts (first casts are always never 100% so please ignore any viewable blemishes they won't be on further casts)

I lied it seems I didn't take WIP's of this one, strange that mmmmm !!!!!!!!!

 resin cast set pieces

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