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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Updated price list 23/12/14

Price List and Availablility
I am just going to keep a list of everything I have for sale and the prices here, I will update this at  the very least once a month as that is really my new build times of release.

I have recently found a cheaper source for the resin I buy, after testing to make sure the quality is good I am now happy to say I can review my prices a little and pass on the saving to you guys too, so please check the prices below as they have mostly all changed

everything I sell should be available through


just search the building name and it should come up

you can also order direct from me, I provide a paypal invoice and when paid I send the item out.

I keep my prices as low as I can and only charge whatever the postage and packing cost is to me, I am happy to sell worldwide. all of my builds are flat packed and need piecing together and are unpainted resin casts

this list is purely as you see a list, all pictures of the sets are in sections on this site, and all prices are not including postage, which will of coarse be calculated at point of sale.

28mm Scale House Ruin 1  **NEW**  £25

20mm scale 1/76th scale buildings

Hotel Ruin    £55
Euro corner Ruin   £20
Single City Block 1   £20
Single City Block 2   £20    see above link
Single City Block 3   £20    see above link
Farmhouse Ruin    £20
Euro Road Bridge    £45
Euro Road Bridge Extra Section   £20  see above link
Railway Bridge                              £40   not yet moulded
Railway Bridge Extra Section       £15   not yet moulded
General House Ruin 1   £20
Juno Beach House    £20   temporarily unavailable
Public House Ruin    £20
Barn     £25  not yet moulded
Street Shop Ruins 3 set     £40
Street Shop Ruin 4 set      £55   see above link
Street Shop Ruin  5 Set    £70   see above link
Street Shop Single Building 4    £20
Street Shop Single Ruin 5  £20
Bunker Set (3 Bunkers) 20mm  £40  not yet moulded
Machine Gun Bunker  20mm   £10
Medium Bunker  20mm £15
Command Bunker 20mm   £20
Arnhem Bridge Houses                £35   now available
Arnhem Bridge Houses (ruined)  £35 
Carentan Street Set (4)                 £80
Carentan 4 Storey Arched            £25
Carentan 3 Storey Arched            £20
Carentan 2 Storey w/Attic           £20
Carentan 3 Storey roofed             £20

Bunker Set 15mm £30
Machine Gun Bunker £5
Medium Bunker  £10
Command Bunker £15

Euro Town Hotel Ruin     £20

General Farmhouse Ruin 2 £20

Derelict Farmhouse  £20

 All Scales

Rubble Piles (5)   £8

if you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask here or at