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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stalingrad Train Station 20mm 1/76th scale

well its been quite some time in the making and while it was always going to be a large build it is still a relief to have eventually finished it.
a lot of changes along the way including 3 attempts at getting the scaling right, that might not seem a lot but when you consider half of what you see in the pictures has been built twice in the wrong scales.............
I was going to provide a floorplan with this but have made the decision instead not to..................."WHY"????????????? I hear you shout, well a few reasons really, the main one being the cost and the eventual cost of the whole set, having a floorplan would have added at least 45% to the cost that I have eventually decided to set it at, then there is the logistic nightmare of making one and I think my final idea is the best one anyway because it allows you the buyer a choice in how it eventually is made.
so with all that I will explain what I have decided to do instead, now this is a large set for a single piece being 3ft x 1ft footprint, I have decided that I will provide interior flooring and walls along with a whole selections of rubble pieces, I would imagine this will be built in one of two ways, 1 a permanent setup on its own board which basically provides the floorplan anyway and you can just add the rubbled pieces to finish it off.................2, a temporary setup that can be shelved when not used, again a floorplan would make this so much more anyway I am not going to do one so there!

so what you get and these are approximates at this time, 25 walled sections for the whole set, enough damage roof parts to go atop of each section and a basic but detailed set of inner walls and floors, along with that a good amount of general rubble pieces so that you can easily fill the floor space and provide movement areas too.

"Price, price price", I can hear the chants now.

£150 for the full set is the price I have set, its a chunk of cash and I am not expecting to sell hundreds but the time and the costs to make plus the size and overall impressive sight this will give I think its a tremendously (good word that) fair price.

so its picture time, this is the master parts pinned together but in the layout that it has been designed for, I hope you like this as I personally am very happy with it.

rear view, well actually the front view but the tracks were to the rear so I worked from that side first, this I have made more damaged than the other facias

looking down into the building, there will be a lot of rubble to go with inner flooring to fill the void, and if you mount it then a permanent floor will be easy to make and look great

trackside view, slightly shortened compared to my original absolute build but still 3ft long

the slatted parts are the damaged roof sections that will be fitted to the tops of the building, then you have my initial rubble piles which will be added to with at least 4 corner piles and 4 heavily rubbled piles, the walls as you see too are the inner damaged walls to be placed at your pleasure

large inner partition wall, fits about half way along the inner space, with slotted damaged floors