Sunday, 25 January 2015

Normandy and Beyond

Hi all, right as part of my Normandy and beyond range.......well actually its the beach landings and beyond but sub section 1.256 is Normandy and beyond,.
ahem, anyway as part as I was saying as part of my Normandy and beyond......well actually, whoops silly me I have said that.........well as part of this range I have decided to do a double build which in plain English means the same buildings in two scales at the same time, those scales being 20 and 28mm.

I picked a nice image that looked as if it offered a good challenge and most of all would be fun to do with the added end result that will hopefully look pretty dam good.

it is a 5 building project (10 if you count two scales) that will give a Normandy street with a selection of buildings for the same time the 20mm players will have the bonus of the fact that I have 3-4 single builds under this banner on the go too.

pictures make prizes so bare with me and I will post the WIP's over this weekend and as I go along, this tends to be a every other weekend project at this time, but with it probably half way through I hope to speed it up a little

this is the inspiration picture that I chose to bring to life



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